And she wants parents to love their children and to know that they re okay. And they are doing this and allowing this with jazz because there are other children and adults, who suffer from what is called gender identity disorder. My genitalia because right now, I feel like a girl. They must remember to be strong, be patient, and make sure they are making the right decisions. 100% Free Transgender Dating Site for MTF, FTM, Non-binary, Genderfluid and Transsexual People Who Are Looking for SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP. Then comes having you gender changed legally. Boy, it could be so tough for her in those teen years. I tell her, you know, you re going to have friends that are boys, they need to know immediately.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate. Reporter: That must feel very bad for you gender reassignment dating. Reporter: What part of being transgender hurts you the most. And she has to decide if she wants to do estrogen, which will make her more feminine. Reporter: Like a tattoo that won t rub off, the p word is likely to follow jazz everywhere. It also thickens your skin which makes you more tolerant of cold. You can see the whole story tomorrow night on a special edition of 20/20. You re here to share part of your edition 20/20, special day, tomorrow night.

There s so much love and so much communication gender reassignment dating. Reporter: If you think life is complicated, try dealing with a transgender girl texting a boy she just met at school. Many different documents have to be submitted, and this could take a very short or long amount of time, which all comes to worth in the end when a transgender finally gets to be themselves on the outside, already in the inside..
. Testosterone also stops your menstrual cycle, generally within 3 months (depending on your dose). Reporter: Greg s been down this road before with his oldest daughter. Talk to people you know and trust, visit support groups (in person or online), and talk to other transgender individuals. ..


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